The following story is a short prologue of the novel.

I partnered with Adam Kuczek, a very talented concept artist who works on some of Hollywood's blockbuster movies, to illustrate a few snippets of the Antyran world where much of the adventure takes place.


How would it be to live in a world without nights, the sky glowing hotter and hotter with every passing year? Our story starts in Antyra, an alien star system locked inside a weird space distortion. Three planets and a star, surrounded by a wall of fire, comprise the small Antyran universe. Its inhabitants know the meaning of stars only from the old legends.

Antyra's wall of fire

Antyra is a beautiful, unified civilization, but below the fragile surface there is a dark rift threatening the peace and tranquility of the inhabitants.

This rift is nowhere more visible than in Alixxor, the capital of the three Antyran planets, where the skyscrappers of the ruling elite dwarf the Great Pyramids, the center of the world for the old rulers. For many centuries, nothing was allowed to be more humongous than the pyramids—nothing but murra, the tallest trees in the world. They were seeded by the gods around the place where the pyramids were supposed to be built.

Alixxor, the capital of the Antyran Civilization

The world wasn't always locked in the distortion. On a beautiful summer morning some 1,250 years before the start of our story, the fleet of an advanced civilization arrived on the Antyran home planet. It wasn’t a pleasant encounter—at least not for the Antyrans, because the aliens burned the ancient cities to the ground and closed the whole star system inside the wall of fire that held them captive ever since, hiding the stars.

After such an awesome display of destruction, they went back to where they came, but not before investing an Antyran—called Baila I—as the ruler of the world.

The arrival

Some 652 years before the present day, Baila the IXth issued a decree to confiscate the children, in order to be raised by his temples.

In a few days, rebellions started on the whole planet.

The turning point of the "Kids' War", as it is known, was the Battle of the Klikoh Glacier, where Baila's army was ambushed and defeated by the rebels.

The battle of the Klikoh Glacier

Our story starts with an archaeological discovery in Sigarion, a small Antyran city on a planet that wasn't supposed to have history, since it was only recently colonized.

The remnants of a spaceship buried for over a thousand years in a ravine will open up the chest of madness, a madness that everyone wanted forgotten.

The old gods have returned. Dead or alive, it is of no importance. The gods are here, and certainly brought answers to many troubling questions, questions that the Antyrans didn’t even dare to ask.

The discovery of the artifacts

This is a quest to discover the hidden history of the Antyran world, a quest for survival... But more than that, it is a search for the meaning of life, a walk on the fine line between life and death, a discovery of how technology would eventually blur this boundary.

Behind the answers lurks the cold shadow of the night. What lies beyond the edge of nothingness?

Ariga's fall

A word from the author:

Dear reader,

The story you are about to read is the final step of a long, winding road I started to walk many years ago.

It took me some twenty-five years and four drafts started from scratch to reach the point where I was content enough with the novel to have it published. All my life I was a perfectionist and I couldn’t let something out of my hands before I did all I could to make it better. I can only hope I succeeded with my first book.

I hope you will have as much joy reading the story as I had writing it. And in case you really liked it and feel like wanting to help, please consider sharing it. You could share the website of the book, review the story or spread the word in any way you may think fit. For me, the most important thing is to reach as many book lovers as possible and I’m counting on readers like you to make this happen. Not only will this allow many book readers to discover it in a way I can’t reach, but it will allow me to follow my dream of becoming a full-time writer. Ultimately, it would mean that the next novel of the series will hit the shelves much faster than this first book – which I hope will be something you would like to happen.

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